Marketing (mp2.0)

The only one of its kind.

A 2-day Hands-On Workshop at 4X speed that covers everything in real-life Marketing, Branding, Advertising





Infused with Accelerated Learning techniques
The mp2.0 workshop, a landmark event every year at NMIMS

The problem with nearly all b-schools:
most professors, particularly the visiting faculty,
work in silos
and are totally oblivious
to what the others are covering.
And worse, how it is being taught!
Collaborative teaching is absent.
Repetition is rampant. E
xplanations differ.
The result?
Confusion abounds. 

Enter marketingprofessional2.0!

Fusion in. Confusion out.

The MP2.0 workshop fuses several subjects into one meaningful, cohesive whole. In

Total guidance: start to finish

a simple, easy-to-understand-and-apply model.  Right from Creativity to Media Planning. From Marketing Strategy to IMC. From CRM to Branding.  Not taken separately as in the usual ‘silo teaching’ method. But fused together. Helping students to seamlessly join the dots. To create powerful resonance.
Thanks to marketing professional 2.0!

A workshop on roller skates!

Prof Dalton brings the subject alive with panache and style. And walks you through the labyrinth of jargon, mantras and silver bullets of marketing, branding and IMC. The tempo is fast. Mach 4. Always a little ahead of the curve.  All due to Accelerated Learning techniques! Remember you’re on the Marketing Expressway.
Seat belts on please!

Aha and haha moments!

The Indian MBA rope trick!

Cover and discover so much in so little time. Yet at your own pace. Pick up all the little tricks that
Marketing and Branding gurus pull out of their hats. Plus some magic. And a dash of  Quizzes, games,
fun exercises,   discussions. That keeps the adrenaline flowing. And participants/students on their toes.  So, rest assured, there’s never a dull (or a lull!) moment.

No chalk-n-talk. All hands on.

Fields like media, advertising, marketing, branding are best  taught through intensive hands-on.

A branding concept  explained.

MP2.0 catapults you straight from the pages of the textbook to the  actual battle field of brands. Where dog-eat-dog competition reigns.  This  unique pedagogical approach ensures that concepts are well defined and well understood. The best way  is  getting battered-n-bruised in the trenches of real life marketing.

The mp2.0 workshop. Transformative and collaborative learning to the core!


Moodle….to rid off that muddle!

Moodle is  simply a doodle . To un-confuse yourself. And, a fun way to learn marketing. An amazing
exercise where the Left Brain is suspended and the Right Brain wakes up. To help you join the dots and show you how the  various concepts in marketing, branding, advertising, media planning are

Drawing attraction!

inter-connected. So that they coalesce to form one meaningful and resonant whole.  A delightful trip for the creative right brain, the Moodle combines doodling, mind mapping, flowcharting. And anything else that your Right Brain fancies.

Peda-deserving Pedagogy!

MP2.0 making waves? It’s all in the pedagogy!
Instead of a lecture-drenched training programme, Aughi Dalton pursues a total hands-on approach coupled with a

Collaborative learning!

robust collaborative peer-led learning environment. This coupled with its unique Total Immersive  Learning Ecosystem (TILE) vastly improves a student’s learning curve. A sis instructional strategies include Scaffolding, Asynchronous Learning and 

Feature by feature it’s the future way of learning.

As an integral part of his teaching strategy to ensure better understanding and retention.

Aughi Dalton employs the Whole Brain Theory and VAK preferential learning model to reach out to students in the class. Case studies and  mini-class assignments. scores of examples from the Indian market intersperse his talks to illustrate a concept.

Highly interactive lecture


His constant interaction with the class at every point ensures student engagement at a very high level.