Transform strategic thinking into ideas.
Learn creativity and campaign planning
from the guru – someone who’s spent a lifetime (or  two?)
in creating wow campaigns
for mega brands like Raymonds, Saffola, Taj Group, Amul,
Asian Paints, Citibank, UP Tourism.
And more!
Somebody who’s won advertising awards.
Somebody who’s had hundreds of students pass through his hands,
and into the top spots of the ad world.

The next one could be you!




This two-day  IMC (Advertising Creativity/Campaign Planning)  Workshop will take you on a world-wind tour of advertising. Introduce you to everything you need to know to create those impactful ad campaigns.


When It Works and When It Doesn’t
Advertising Creativity: starting at Ground Zero!

Who says writing copy is a breeze?
That anyone with a ponytail and a ring in the ear can churn out copy.
No way!
Sorry, you’ve been reading too many of those self-help books.
The fact is it takes a great deal to come up with an ad that makes the consumer sleepwalk towards your brand.
Something that’s creative, compelling and drool worthy.
Not something that reads like a vindaloo recipe from a Goan Cookbook.

Or worse, like text in a Chinese instructional leaflet.

Good copy must tell, yell, sell.
It must work within the narrow confines of the brand positioning, the value proposition, and the overall marketing strategy (read DSTP). That’s a lot stacked up.
Few can come up to the challenge.
The rest give in to fluff and bluff. Marketing drivel. And, oh yes, dollops of sleaziness.
That’s why in India there’s just a handful 0f creative ad people. The crème de le crème. A breed unto themselves.
And, arguably, only 60.
If you work the math that’s a mere 0.00000001% of 1.4 bill!


Best practices : the Holy Grail of the industry.

Campaign Planning session: Total guidance from start to finish

So, all this while you thought that a marketing professional needed to know only marketing. Nothing else!
Garbage! Doled out by someone who’s obviously been living under a rock.
Make no mistake, dear friend, every marketing professional needs to be 100 percent savvy with the creative and advertising development process. No escape.
It comes with the territory.
Goof up here and –pfft! – there goes your brand into la la land..
And sadly, along with it your career.
Check this fact with any good marketing professional and he’ll tell you the same.
A good marketing head thoroughly understands all the moving parts in a marketing–advertising campaign. The nuts and bolts. The silver bullets. Et al!
He can recognize a good headline., a good layout. And, is privy to the secret sauce of effective advertising.
Marketing is collaborative. Teamwork. And as marketing top honcho you need to show leadership.


Side Bar: Sadly, management institutes give short shrift to such critical subjects. That’s why the corporate industry laments the Grade B quality  of MBA grads many
b-schools are  shamelessly churning  out. Year after year.